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Please read this Terms of Use carefully before using the website https://mapanda.com/ and application «MaPanda», operated by Bini Bambini OÜ, кa company incorporated under the laws of Estonia, registered address: Pae tn 25-47, Lasnamäe district, Tallinn city, Harju county, 11414, Estonia, реєстраційний номер: 14086465.

These Terms of Use apply to all visitors, users, and others who access or use the Services (as they are described below) and are a legally binding agreement with the Company. These Terms are an integral part of the general Terms of use for services of Bini Bambini OÜ. Please read them before using the MaPanda product.

Please see also our Privacy Policy, and our Cookies Policy, which is not part of this agreement. Bini Bambini OÜ (“Company,” “we,” “us,” “our”) provides its Services to you subject to your agreement with these Terms of Use (“ToU”). This document describes in detail your rights and our rights relating to the provision of our Services, so please review the ToU carefully.

By continuing to use our site or application, you agree with all the conditions set below and confirm that you understand all its provisions and you enter into an agreement on the provision of services with "MaPanda".

Also You confirm that:

- you have full capacity, in particular, have reached the age established by the age of full civil capacity, in accordance with applicable law, or

- you are a legal representative (one of the parents, legal guardian or guardian) of a minor and conclude this agreement on their behalf, having previously granted the minor permission to use the services. In this case, you are responsible for the proper use of services and compliance with the terms of this agreement.

If you have not granted permission to your child, we ask you to immediately notify MaPanda to stop access.

MaPanda (through Bini Bambini OÜ, a company incorporated in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, the details of which are given below) proposes individuals (hereinafter - the User) (hereinafter referred together as the “Parties”, separately - the “Party”) to join these ToU on these conditions and in accordance with the selected list of services.

These ToU are an accession contract with the Company that is considered to be concluded from the moment of adoption of a public offer.

Explicit actions will also be considered as an agreement to these ToU: marking the box in front of the field "I get acquainted with the Terms of Use" (or any equivalent) and/or payment according to an invoice or use of online payment means to pay for services, registration of an account or access to services otherwise. In case of disagreement with the ToU, the conclusion of the accession contract is not possible.

The User is informed and agrees that the fact, time and date of acceptance of this public offer (conclusion of the Agreement) is determined based on MaPanda data.


1.1 These Terms establish the general conditions and procedure according to which the User receives information services and services related to other types of education (without creating an educational institution), namely: conducting remote classes, which include interactive communication with a mentor with online use of entertainment, educational and developmental materials aimed at the formation and development of useful skills and habits of Users.

1.2. Services are provided at the User's request using a platform that provides video and audio communication and the involvement of mentors.

1.3. The description of services (in particular, the scope and characteristics of classes), the cost and terms of service provision are described on this site and/or agreed upon with the User additionally.

1.4. Unless otherwise agreed with the User, the services are provided under the following conditions:

- remotely through the platform at the request of the User, provided there is a free mentor; MaPanda appoints a mentor of its own choice unless otherwise agreed with the User;

- the duration of a session does not exceed 30 minutes;

- the time of a session is reserved upon agreement with the User. If the User has not paid for the session 2 (two) hours before its start, the reservation is canceled;

- sessions take place using a platform that provides video and audio communication;

- a session is considered properly conducted, if, within 1 (one) hour after its completion, the User has not submitted a claim to MaPanda regarding the quality of the session. The claim is submitted through the contact form on the website.

- The User is responsible for meeting the minimum technical requirements during the session.

MaPanda is not responsible for the failure to provide the service or its poor quality if the reason was the lack of the necessary software or technical problems with the Internet connection.

1.5. MaPanda has the right to provide other services, the description, scope, characteristics and conditions of provision of which may be specified in the relevant offer, on the website, announced through the platform or the application.

1.6. MaPanda has the right to engage any individual and legal entity to ensure the timely and high- quality provision of services under this Agreement.


2.1 Services are paid. The cost of services can be indicated on the website, in the mobile application or agreed upon with the User additionally. Prices and availability of all Services provided by us are subject to change at any time prior to purchase. The cost of services can be indicated in hryvnias or in the equivalent of a foreign currency. The payment amount may be affected by the exchange rate set by the electronic payment service, financial operators or payment systems of the User's bank through which the payment is made.

2.2. The User shall pay 100% (one hundred percent) as the prepayment using one of the electronic payment services available on the website and/or through the mobile application.

2.3. Every time before paying for services, the User undertakes to familiarize himself with the terms of payment for services. By paying for services, the User agrees to the terms of payment for services effective on the date of payment.

2.4. The User is aware that MaPanda places on its website and/or in the mobile application a link to an electronic payment service to perform the transaction of payment for services. All rights and obligations in the settlement process arise directly between the electronic payment service and the payer. Please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the provision of services by this electronic payment service.

2.5. MaPanda does not guarantee and does not ensure the storage of information about payments made using payment services provided by the User. MaPanda does not process the payer's personal data, which he provides for making calculations, and does not store bank card details on its resources.

3. REFUND RULES 3.1. The User may apply for a refund if he refused to provide the services before they were provided and/or if the services were not provided due to MaPanda's fault. 3.2. The request for a refund must be sent by the User through the contact form on the website. MaPanda will resolve the appeal within ten (10) working days from the date of its receipt and, in the case of proven grounds for a refund, conducts the appropriate calculations. MaPanda has the right to request additional documents and/or information necessary for a refund. In such a case, the refund is made within ten (10) working days after receiving such documents and/or information. 3.3.MaPanda has the right to deduct from the amount of funds to refund the cost of processing payments.


4.1 All intellectual property objects placed on the website and/or application (including the website and application itself) and those used by MaPanda during the provision of services are owned by MaPanda or transferred to MaPanda for use on legal grounds (within the limits of the relevant licenses).

4.2. MaPanda also uses objects of intellectual property rights that may belong to other persons, based on an appropriate license, contract or another legal basis.

4.3. MaPanda does not transfer any intellectual property rights to such objects to the User and does not grant permission to use them for purposes other than those specified in the ToU. The User has no right to use the intellectual property objects posted on the site or available during the provision of services without the prior written consent of MaPanda.


5.1 In case of disputes, the Parties will take measures for pre-trial settlement of disputes.


6.1 By accepting these Terms, the User grants MaPanda the right to collect, process and store his personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

6.2 Unless otherwise provided in these Terms of Use, the usual contractual terms established by law shall apply.

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