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What is MaPanda

MaPanda is an innovative video call tool designed for online educators, psychologists, and consultants.

Our app allows you to engage with your audience as an animated magical character, reducing the stress of learning for children. With features like drawing, screen sharing, lesson recording, live object placement and rewards giving, you have all the necessary tools to create an interactive and immersive learning environment.

How it Works

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The Effectiveness*

engagement rate for
MaPanda online classes
of children are looking
forward for the next call
with the character
of children are staying
focused during the call
with character
* based on Children of Heroes case study
Regular Zoom Call
MaPanda Call
Stable connection
Unique engagement technology
Interaction with live objects
Stress reduction from communication with an adult
Notification system
Automated payment system

Trusted by Industry Professionals

With MaPanda we see a high level of cognitive involvement in the lesson. This is especially important when working with preschoolers. Behavioral involvement correlates with indicators of offline classes and is determined by age and developmental characteristics. Motivating the child to communicate with the Character helps keep the child in dialogue and return to the lesson's topic.

Anna Fomina, methodologist

MaPanda app showed excellent results regarding the child's involvement in the educational process. A high attention retention level allows kids to achieve results faster and not make learning exhausting and traumatic.

Lisa Gavron, tutor.

I use the application as an additional tool in my English teaching methods. The ability to work with live objects significantly speeds up the learning of new words and terms.

Mike Amosov, preschool teacher.

Loved by Children and Parents

father of Tom, 7
A good solution to the intimidating aspect of interacting with strangers for kids. The animated character feature eases their stress and makes learning fun and approachable.
mother of David, 6
It is an exciting and accessible form of teaching. The child quickly remembers and perceives everything as a game.
father of Peter, 5
The material is perceived differently when an adult does not present it, and it’s excellent!
mother of Anna, 5
The conversation always has a warm and friendly atmosphere. My daughter and I loved it!
mother of Miles, 6.ert
MaPanda is an excellent solution to the intimidating aspect of interacting with strangers for kids. The animated character feature eases their stress and makes learning fun and approachable.
mother of Demian, 5
The transition from interacting with adults to animated characters has significantly reduced stress for my child. MaPanda has made learning more comfortable and less intimidating.

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